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Am. Can. Ch. Crestline's
Calendar Girl
Callie is the "showgirl" of the century. She loved the show ring !! She started her show career in Montana the day she was six months old, breeder/owner handled to her first point as well as BOW & BOS to her famous father Ch. Marienburg's Repo Man. Callie went 1st and 3rd in huge classes at the Host Club and the DPCA; National in San Diego at 10 months old, handled beautifully by Wendy Bettis. Callie was narrowly beat out for Best Puppy. She was breeder/owner handled to her championship with the exception of her Major wins. Shane Hooper handled her to a 5 point Major on the Montana circuit in 2002. Linda Hoff expertly presented her at the Reno DPC Specialty to a 5 point Major and BOS over Specials on July 30, 2003 The following day she also went BOS over Specials. Callie is now retired from the show ring and loves being a "mom."
Callie and her brother, Trapper, celebrating
their 9th Birthday, December 4th, 2008.
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