Crestline's Honky Tonk Angel
Born: July 15, 2003
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Health Testing
January 2010
Cardio: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Liver Panel: Normal
vWD: Clear
12/18/2009 Cardio (ultrasound) Normal
Gracie is a littermate to our dream puppy "Killian" and like him she is vWD Clear. She has a lot of bone and body and transfers that to her puppies. Gracie has a lot of working dogs in her background, i.e. Von Frankenhorst Schutzhund lines. Hence her energy level is high. She has a mind of her own but at the same time a real sweetheart. She is great with people, in particular with children. She is also a wonderful mother.
crestline_dobermans014009.jpg crestline_dobermans014008.jpg crestline_dobermans014007.jpg crestline_dobermans014006.jpg crestline_dobermans014005.jpg crestline_dobermans014004.jpg crestline_dobermans014003.jpg crestline_dobermans014002.jpg crestline_dobermans014001.jpg