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Future Crestline Stars
Crestline's Purple Heart aka "Libby" Wins Reserve Winners Bitch first time out at 7 months old at Bismarck Kennel Club under respected Judge Mrs. Patricia Trotter.
Handled to perfection by her friend Shannon Cote.
Crestline's Purple Heart aka "Libby"
Crestline's Captain Sherman was awarded Winners Dog-Best of Winners-Best of Breed for 1 point at Gallatin Dog Club
September 21, 2018 under respected
judge Loraine Boutwell.
Crestline's Captain Sherman aka "Sherman"
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Crestline's Captain Sherman was awarded
Reserve Winners Dog at the Palouse Hills Dog Fanciers Show April 20, 2019 under respected judge Mrs. Dawn Danner.

On April 21, 2019 at the Lewis and Clark Kennel Club,
Sherman was awarded Winners Dog
under judge Ms. Karen Hynek for 1 Point.
Sherman was shown by our special friend Shannon Cote.