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Crestline's Rockette
Born: October 4, 2006
Health Testing
November 20, 2015
Cardio: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Liver Panel: Normal
vWD: Carrier
11/20/2015 Cardio (ultrasound) Normal
crestline_dobermans001006.jpg crestline_dobermans029002.jpg
Crestline's Rockette is our "pick of litter" female from our showgirl Am. Can. Ch. Crestline's Calendar Girl aka Callie and Sherluck's Rock-et-Man aka Roger. Both producers of champions. Rockette is truly a replica of her dam in many ways!! Showy, gorgeous, sweet and a wonderful mother. Though we opted not to show her due to circumstances at the time she is still a champion in our eyes!

Rockette was spayed November 2015 and is now enjoying the living room sofa!!!
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