Crestline's Bit of Kwiksilver V Betelges
"Persephone" (Perse)
Born: January 10, 2013
Health Testing
September 13, 2016
Cardio: Normal
Thyroid: Normal
Liver Panel: Normal
vWD: Clear
09/13/2016 Cardio (ultrasound) Normal
We acquired "Perse" from Kwiksilver Dobermans who purchased their foundation stock from Crestline Dobermans. Her sire is Crestline/Marienburg bloodlines. Her dam is an import from Belgium with a fantastic working background and we were very pleased to be able to purchase her for our breeding program as I feel European bloodlines have a lot to offer. "Perse" is a very sweet girl with a nice head piece and overall great conformation. Nice top line, good angles with plenty of bone.
We are very anxious for her first litter.
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